How to outsource effectively

How to outsource effectively

Hi, I’m Stephanie Hill-Manuel- COO and Scaling Coach for service providers, agencies and coaches looking to grow their business without burning out. I specialize in growth through optimization and full business management of female founded companies.

Today I want to talk about how to outsource effectively.

Outsourcing is one of the most freeing things you can do when you’re ready to step out of the hustling entrepreneur phase and into a CEO role so you can fulfill the BIG vision you have for your business.

By bringing on the right experts to help you scale, you can free yourself up to work on higher-level strategy and in your unique zone of genius.

But outsourcing is a skill in itself.

If you’re the one doing the hiring and outsourcing, you have to:

Obviously, effective outsourcing and building a team takes WORK.

So, if you’re sitting there thinking: “wait, I know I need a team, but I’m already stretched thin. How am I going to add all this extra stuff on top of everything I’m ALREADY doing?”

Well here are some of the common pitfalls we help you avoid:

And if I’ve learned anything in my time in corporate, it’s that communication is the key to building successful teams.

In my business, I don’t just “wing” things and you shouldn’t either anymore. I’ve learned that having a proven process allows you to quickly and efficiently get your business operating at full capacity and it saves everyone time and money in the long run. But you don’t just want your business to be efficient — you want your business to be effective. That’s why my process is so powerful — it creates a solid foundation that allows you to build a business you actually enjoy.

My Process includes:

Let's work together if:

How to Outsource:

First you need to think about your time and money goals.

Next, define your tasks and responsibilities. Create 4 buckets of tasks:

Think about how you spend your time and what needs to get done in your business. Write down EVERYTHING. Track your time for a week if you feel like you’re forgetting something!

Now highlight in different colors the tasks that YOU need to do and those your team should do plus how much time each should take.

Go through next and bold the items you actually like doing. If there are any items on YOUR list that are NOT bolded. Figure out if those tasks can be delegated, automated or completely removed from needing to get done.


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