Cut The Noise!

Top 3 Tips for Cutting the Noise (online)

First off, what is this NOISE I’m speaking of? As a service provider or coach, your social media accounts and email boxes are no longer just baby announcements and sharing funny memes. These platforms are now a place for business, which includes constant promotions and other “noise.”

Basically, online noise is anything that isn’t actively helping move your business forward, distracts you from your activities and goals or isn’t anything you’re interested in knowing more about. Social media’s JOB is to literally keep you on their platforms as long as possible. But don’t worry, I have some solutions for you!


My first tip for cutting out the noise is…ridding yourself of email and social media JUNK. I don’t know about you, but I’m on a LOT of email lists. Sometimes I just wanted a super juicy looking freebie and got stuck on their normal distribution flow after that. In the past I have probably spent an hour each day just deleting and sorting through emails for anything important. There are 2 ways to avoid the time suck of emails and they are:

  1. Unsubscribe from email lists (link found at the bottom of every email)
  2. Create folders and rules to automatically sort emails (Gmail has a few different options)

Another HUGE time-sucking activity is scrolling through social media. I used to mindlessly pick up my cell phone, open one of the numerous apps and flick my thumb across the screen until something caught my eye. Sometimes I would tell myself that it was “work related” but let’s be real, there weren’t any income generating activities happening!

This is also where “shiny objects” can pop up and suck away your time AND money. Many businesses are running Facebook ads, which means you will see those sexy $7 offers FULL of eye catching goodies and big promises. Not only are they never the full solution, but you’ll also get added to their email list (see issue above). How can you avoid this? Try these:

  1. Unfollow anyone on Facebook who you don’t want to see anymore
  2. Time-block your intentional, income generating social media activities then GET OFF!


My second tip for cutting out the noise is…figuring out your METRICS! Metrics may not be everyone’s favorite topic but they can have a huge role in reducing the noise online. Stay with me here, I promise not to flood you with numbers! Metrics are important but they don’t need to be complicated (and tracking can be delegated!)

The point here is to tell you that there is SO MUCH data floating around, that figuring out which ones matter for your business will keep you from calling up your old high school Stats teacher just to get an edge.

Why track my biz data?! Well you can use historical data to plan for the future! Think about your car for a second. How do you know when you need to get your oil changed? The car literally TELLS YOU! It can estimate based on your driving history how much longer you can wait before needing to make an appointment. What about when you’ll need new tires? For that you need to get out, check the tread wear, think about the weather season, etc. Much different right?! Let’s use a business example to help me explain:

  • If you know that your sales close rate is 50% and you want to enroll 10 people into your new group program, you’ll need to get on 20 sales calls.
  • You can take this one step further by figuring out how many posts or DM conversations you need to have to book 1 sales call and calculate how much effort it will take to book those 20 sales calls.
  • Let’s say for each lead generation post you make, 20 people on average will comment and you can start direct message conversations with them, so you need 2 posts to start 40 DMs.

Here is a simple table format of my example:

Clients Desired  Sales Calls Needed (50% close rate) DM Convos Needed (50% conv rate)Lead Gen Posts
(1 = 20 DMS) 
 204080 4

How does this cut out the noise though?! Well if you know EXACTLY the number of posts to write, conversations to have and time required to hold all those conversations/sales calls, you can map out your launch and IGNORE everything else! It is that simple!!! 

Biz Plans

My third tip for cutting out the noise is…using your BIZ PLAN! I know what you’re thinking…no not tacos, but they’re pretty yummy… You’re thinking, Ok Stef, how does a business plan help reduce the noise online? Think about the last time you went grocery shopping. Did you bring a list or just walk up and down every aisle, tossing items into your cart if they looked good, were on sale, etc.? How long did it take to complete your shopping and check out? Did you get everything you needed?

So your business plan can be compared to your meal plan for the week. You decide what you want to make each night and then break it down into ingredients you’ll need to buy. If you’re extra fancy, you might even group your items together by department (yes, we’ve all had to cross the store for that ONE item we wrote last).

If you have this list, you know with 100% certainty that you’ll buy everything you need to complete your meals for the week. THAT is the power of a business plan! You know exactly where you want your business to go, detail out the actions you need to take and completely avoid the frozen aisle full of ice cream!

  • Ex.
    Increase general biz visibility in Q4
    • Boost IG engagement & followers (write current numbers, plan goal numbers)
      • Monthly Activities
        • Weekly Activities
          • Daily Activities

So obviously you want to do your best to avoid online noise if it isn’t actively helping move your business forward, distracts you from your activities and goals or isn’t anything you’re interested in knowing more about. There are tons of ways to keep focus on your business growth but I hope you found these few tips helpful!

Please comment with your favorite ah-ha below!

~Scaling Coach Stef

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